Thursday, October 4, 2012

Watermelon III

Can you guess what my two favorite colors are lately? Pretty sure this is my third post with these exact "watermelon" colors. They are just so pretty and feminine!

Top: Gap, Skirt: Target, Bracelet: Gifted, Shoes: Kohls

Modest Tip: When shopping, try searching less common sections of the store. For example, this entire outfit is from the kids sections of Gap and Target. They are XL, and often times stores even carry XXL or XXXL! This is great for shorties like me :) And because the styles are made for younger girls, the necklines are not as revealing, and (usually) the skirts are longer. Also, the price differences are significant.

However, if you are not a petite or don't want to run the risk of having the same clothes as your 3rd grade students, check out the Misses as well (even if you are a Juniors kinda girl). You may think most of the clothes are too mom-ish, but usually the styles are a little more loose fitting and the tops are often not as low-cut.


  1. Catherine, that shirt is absolutely adorable! You look great!

  2. Catherine, I love fashion and I love your blog! I also shop in the kids and misses sections. I'm glad you're getting these great tips out to everyone!