Monday, October 1, 2012

Deals, Deals, Deals

Before school started I was shopping for a new book bag. I wanted a camel color crossbody bag, one that would serve it's purpose, be able to fit my books at least sized 8.5"x11", have a small pocket on the outside for easy access to my phone and keys, but with a little more style and sophistication than a regular backpack. I also decided I could splurge on a leather bag because they last longer, and I worked a lot over the summer so I could indulge a bit. It was tough to find a style I liked that was big enough to meet my criteria, but I decided on this bag from Fossil, especially because when I use my Discover card I get a 10% cashback bonus!

When I told my friend that I was willing to spend that much on a bag, because I couldn't find anything else I liked that was more affordable she said "I bought mine that I really like from Delia's, I bet I can find you something for much cheaper." And she was right, she showed me this little number and I was in love! Only $29.50! Needless to say, I ordered it right away and put the Fossil bag out of my mind.

A couple days later I went to my favorite thrift store and you will never guess what I found. A crossbody, camel colored bag that even fit my laptop! The best part, it cost me $8. I was able to cancel my order with Delia's and my thrifted bag and I have been very happy together.

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  1. I totally commented before, but here it is again! Is it real leather?!?!