Friday, October 5, 2012

My Stylist, Kristy

Even though I love fashion and everything about clothes, I too often neglect the other important aspects of a woman that make her look complete: accessories, makeup and HAIR! Until recently, that is.

Last summer my hair was just looking terrible, "scraggly" is my term for it, so my friend recommended a gal she went to high school with. I visited her website to check it out, and saw an awesome deal where if you do a "cyber consult" with her, you get 50% off the first cut! So I sent Kristy a photo of myself, a couple pictures of celebrities that I liked and she e-mailed back a few of her own ideas. If nothing else, I would go get my haircut and get a good deal.


1. She has a little salon in her home that is SO CUTE! I want my whole house to have her salon's decor--not to mention I love the smell of the products she uses.
2. She is SO great! So cute, so nice, so real and so Mormon which equals fabulously modest.
3. She is a really talented hair stylist. She knows what she is doing and what she is talking about, but perhaps more importantly she knows how to deliver that look you want. While going with short hair my biggest concern has been to remain feminine, and she not only understood and recognized this desire but has also held to that standard.

A conversation I keep finding myself participating in lately is about the fact that we need good, Christ-following people in every area of life, even seemingly non-Christian fields, specifically and even especially in the fashion and beauty industry. Kristy is a perfect example and witness of this. When I go get my hair cut, it is not just a get in and get out kind of thing. We talk a little about faith, a little more about family and a lot about fashion. It is refreshing to have positive and uplifting conversation with her. Also, a really unique quality to Kristy is that she is so encouraging and inspiring, every single time I walk out of her salon I feel reassured, rejuvenated and more confident than ever, ready to take on what the week ahead will throw at me. I never knew a hair stylist could do that!

The most recent style plunge I have taken is getting a pixie cut, and I have never gotten more compliments in my life. I am tellin' you, Kristy is a rockstar!

The lovely Emma Watson was the latest inspiration.

What "style plunge" have you been dying to take?

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