Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Refashion: Entry 1

I just finished both refashioning projects! It sure feels good to be done...

Constructing the skirt...I didn't want to make the hem too short in the front so I nixed the hi-lo idea and just made it assymmetrical.

I used the lining of the skirt as the lining of the bodice.

Connected the bodice to the skirt.

Attached the sleeve to the bodice.

Finished dress!

The model, Libby, is a friend of mine and she is just helping me out. I told her she has the exact body type of a stereotypical runway model. She said she had considered modeling in high school but was too afraid of the cattiness of the industry. She is a "Senior Intern" in the Catholic Studies Leadership Interns program. You go girl!


  1. This is the one I had DIBS on, right? wooHOO! What a knock-out! You matched up the pattern at the shoulder well, too! Nice going, Doll!! You and Libby get an A+ !! ~Mumsy