Monday, October 29, 2012

Miss Colbie Caillat

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Colbie Caillat concert. I was so pleasantly surprised when she came out and she was so pretty, and I was coveting her outfit the entire show.

Picture c/o C.C. Rode

Picture c/o C.C. Rode

Picture c/o C.C. Rode

She was wearing a gold sparkly cap sleeved sweater, a white pleated hi-lo hem skirt, high-heeled suede boots (which aren't totally my style but so her) and stunning gold jewelry.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert for a number of different reasons. 
          1. Her music, especially the lyrics are just fantastic- very positive and upbeat. 
          2. She is so feminine and beautiful, a real woman's woman. All the guys were chanting "We love you, Colbie!" 
          3. She is strong-willed, and has some soul. You can just hear it in her voice, but also she was bustin' a move on stage.

Here were my two favorite songs she performed:

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