Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I stated before, I love Pinterest! You can follow me here.

I just wrote this article for a Catholic newsletter that gets distributed at local coffee shops in the Twin Cities. 

"The world has quickly become a more creative and crafty place thanks to the recent advent of “Pinterest,” an exclusive website where members can “pin” links to a virtual bulletin board to share with others on the Internet. Some popular boards are “Kids,” “For the Home,” and “Wedding.” Recently, I have found myself perusing the site. Upon spotting a sweet project to reupholster an antique chair, I thoughtMan, I can’t wait until I have a home of my own to do projects like this! Or similarly, I have come across a recipe to make homemade play dough for a fraction of the price of the real stuff, and I pin it to my “One Day- Kids” board.
The other day I was reading Jackie Kendall and Debbie Jones’ book “Lady in Waiting.” The book tells the story of a young woman living on her own eating off paper plates every night because she was saving her fine china for when she gets married. However, she realized there is no guarantee she will get married, and it is possible that she will spend the rest of her life eating from paper plates. She would miss the opportunity to use her china if she waits for a wedding day that may never come.
I then made the connection that this is exactly what I have been doing with my Pinterest account. With almost every image I pin, it is followed with the thought I can’t wait until X happens so I can put this idea to use. But what is stopping me from engaging in these activities right now? Not one of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Not one of us is promised a wedding to plan, children of our own to play with, a home to decorate or a spouse to cook for.
I realized I should live in the here and now.Christ calls us to love those He has put in our lives right now. One way I can serve Christ by serving others is using the gifts, talents and desires I have been given. I can make that homemade play dough for my nieces and nephews. I can help my engaged friend make her fun do-it-yourself centerpieces for her wedding. That paint color I’ve been dying to try on my walls? Instead I can offer to paint something for my elderly neighbor. Instead of waiting for a husband to cook amazingly delicious meals for, I can use those great recipes on a mom who recently gave birth from Church or a family who just lost a loved one.
My life doesn’t start when I get married, or have kids, or buy a house. I can live my life serving Christ right now, by enjoying it and helping those put in my life at this moment. And if ever I get married, have kids and buy a house, I will have had a lot of practice."

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