Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Chill in the Air

With 35 degree weather, fall is officially upon us, and I have broken out the maxi skirt.

Shades: Old Navy, Top: shop in Cali, Skirt: Old Navy, Bracelet: thrifted

Man, put some stunna shades on me and a whole new sassy Catherine comes out! I love love love maxi dresses/skirts for several reasons. 

1. Very feminine.
2. So comfy.
3. You can wear leggings underneath when it gets cold and no one even knows.
4. Don't have to shave.

This summer I found that I really like pairing mint/teal with an orangey/peach. However, my tip when pairing such colors that might seem like they don't go together well, is to "tie-in the colors together." This is a perfect job for jewelry and/or shoes. For example, the bracelet I am wearing, although you can't tell from the picture, has both the coral color and the teal color in the bracelet. Hence the tying-in. Other options for this outfit would have been a teal necklace or headband, or coral shoes (although, I think that would be a little too much).

What are your favorite fall fashion tips to stay warm?


  1. Please define Maxi dress and Maxi skirt. I've seen so many different styles of dresses/skirts termed "maxi" so I don't quite know why they are what they are!

    1. Audrey, good question! Stores definitely give their items different names. Hopefully this will clarify. The name of the garment comes from where it hits on the leg. This will vary depending on how tall the consumer is but generally: mid thigh and higher is a "mini," between mid-thigh and just above the knee (ie. whole knee is showing) is "above the knee." If the whole knee is covered it is "below the knee." If the skirt reaches mid-calf, it is called a "midi," and finally an ankle length skirt/dress is a "maxi."