Sunday, September 23, 2012

Letters to the President: My Dreams as a Daughter

This is a response to the video "Letters to the President: The Dreams of our Daughters."

Dear President Obama,

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend. I am also a student at a private university.

Before pursuing my current dream of becoming a fashion designer, I dreamed of being a fire fighter, a professional singer, a WNBA star, and yes, even president.

Because I am neither ready nor willing to be faced with the possible outcomes of being sexually active--whether that be the level of intimacy that comes with this practice, an STI or a new life, I have exercised my right as a woman to remain abstinent until the day when my situation would allow or welcome those possible outcomes. For this reason, I will not and never plan to use birth control.

I would also strongly urge all other women to re-think their use of contraceptives. They are harmful on your body, the environment, and even your relationships. I am just lookin' out for my sistas.

If I were to make the decision to use birth control, I would not and could not expect my school or employer to pay for my personal decision, especially if it went against the conscience and longstanding teaching of that institution. These harmful drugs are neither the same price, for the same purpose, nor as common as cough medicine. 

If, and God-willing when, I have a daughter of my own, I want to be ready and fully willing to give her the life she deserves, in a country where women and girls are dignified and held as precious and where freedom of religion is a given. 

Please, Mr. President, don't you want the same for your daughters?

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  1. That video was so sweet, until the mother started talking so nonchalantly about BC as an absolute necessity for her girl's future. Ugh. Normal, healthy fertility is not a disease to be treated! And if one needs to avoid having children, there are free and non-pharmaceutical ways to space babies. If her girls do have fertility problems, there are lots of non birth control ways of fixing them!! Have you read the package inserts for BC (and immunizations btw?)? -- no thank you.