Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Will Wait

Along with Pinterest I also really love Etsy. I am so surprised and saddened that more people don't know about Etsy and if you don't, you've come to the right place. Etsy is a sort of e-commerce website where people can sell handmade items and all things crafty. I have bought a chain, a necklace, fabric and notions for my designs and a ring on etsy. I have been very satisfied with all of it. My post today is to showcase the ring I bought. I have owned two purity rings in my life, both of which I have lost. This was my third attempt at buying one but this final time I went about it a little differently.

My understanding of a purity ring was that it had two main purposes.
1. To be a sign of your commitment to remain pure and abstinent until your wedding day.
2. To remind you of this promise, especially in times of struggle and temptation.

Well, by the time I was ready to buy my third ring, I felt neither of those purposes applied to me anymore. I didn't need a ring to be a sign of this commitment. I knew I was commited to this, anyone who knew me knew I was committed to this, and anyone who didn't know me would surely see this by my lifestyle. An expensive but pretty piece of metal was unessecary. Second, since the first time I made the decision and commitment to remain pure, I never experienced a situation that lead to a time of struggle or temptation in that respect. Needless to say, something to remind me of that decision has not been very high on my priority list.

However, there was and still is something I struggle with every day: waiting for what the Lord has in store for me, particularly in regards to a man. I struggle with the idea that my goal in life is to find a spouse, and when that happens I will be finally fulfilled, satisfied and happy. However, not only will getting married NOT satisfy and fulfill my deepest desires, but it is also very possible that I will never get married--it is not guaranteed.

THEN I saw this incredible video by the brilliant spoken word artist Janette-Ikz and it has changed my life and given me so much hope and courage. It is hilarious and so true.

Thus the desire for my "I will wait" ring. I had the ring custom made from this shop on Etsy.

The outside reads "AMDG" which stands for Ad majorem Dei gloria, which in latin means "For the Greater Glory of God." On the inside it reads "I will wait."

This ring is a reminder to first give Glory to God, in all times, good and bad, and all seasons of my life. The second reminder is to wait for God's timing for all things, and for His Will to be done, not mine. This is my biggest daily struggle, not remaining pure.

So I challenge you, it may not be a ring, but set something in place to remind you daily to give Glory to God in all things, but also for His continued help in your struggles.


  1. Very thoughtful and thought provoking. Did we talk about some of these issues Monday night?

  2. "The second reminder is to wait for God's timing for all thing" - so beautiful!

    Awesome post, Catherine!