Friday, August 24, 2012

State Fair

Today I am heading to the Minnesota State Fair. My favorite thing to do is post up at the milk booth with a cone of Sweet Martha's cookies! This is what I'll be wearing...

shirt: gap pure, necklace and bracelet: gifts, shorts: thrifted, tennies: target

1. Neon and brights are definitely in this season (although I do realize summer is quickly coming to a close). I like to add complimentary colors to an outfit with accessories. Adds a little extra flavor and interest.

2. I am really a fan of the recent "tucking in" trend. I defintely used to make fun of my dad for tucking his t-shirts into his athletic shorts, but it really is a quick way to class up an otherwise casual outfit.

3. I think everyone should have a pair of cute casual tennies. They make all the difference on outings where you want to rock the sporty look and/or you will be doing a lot of walking. I got this keds-inspired pair at Target for $9 and I wear them all the time. I also got a pair of Coach sneakers for Christmas that are great for fall and winter, and I have always wanted a pair of boat shoes. Whatever your price range or style, I recommend you add this staple to your closet :)

4. This summer my go-to store has been Gap. At the beginning of the summer, I went in there and picked out a bunch of things and the cashier asked me if I wanted to open a credit card with them--I could save 30% on all that I had gotten! She totally got me-but it really has paid off. I have already earned $50 in rewards that I can use at Gap, Old Navy and even Gap Outlet! And of course I make sure to pay off my entire balance at the end of the month.

MODEST TIP: Forgive me if you already knew this one, but I just had the revelation: If a top is just a little too low cut, but it would be too hot, too inconvenient, or not cute to wear a bulky cami underneath, wear a longer, chunky necklace- no one will even notice!

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