Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bible in 90 Days

I love Pinterest. You can follow me here. One day I noticed a pin that was not like the usual outfits and recipes I see, it looked like this: 

I was intrigued. I followed the link to see where it went, and I was sold. I signed up with a program to read the Bible in 90 days and I'll tell you has been fantastic! I have never seriously read or studied the Bible before. The extent to which I am familiar with it is readings on Sundays, praying the Rosary and when my mom would curl my hair in high school she made me read out loud from the Bible. But never have I taken it upon myself and seriously read it through. 

My best friend recently left the Catholic Church and has had an extraordinary awakening of her faith that has lead her to cling to the Bible: it's teachings, prayers and stories. Our conversations now always consist of some aspect of the Bible, and I am ashamed at how little I can offer to the discussions. What perfect timing to delve into The Word!

It has been a real Blessing to have a structured schedule, and because I am signed up in a program, the other gals in my group pray for me and hold me accountable.

It is so exciting to read about history, but especially Our Lord, and it is so refreshing to be completely unplugged for at least one hour a day.

Today is day 6. So far I am going strong, but I am sure as time goes on it will get tough. Please keep my group members and I in prayer as we travel this journey together.


  1. Sounds neat--how are you going to work their schedule with the catholic canon?

    1. I was put into a Catholic group so we will go back and read the additional books after the 90 days-- good question!